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Decades before Mindfulness and most of today’s “mind-body” therapies, psychologist Eugene Gendlin at the University of Chicago discovered that it was possible – in fact, natural – for people to access their direct experience at a level below words, below the level of conscious thought. He found that when people paid a certain kind of patient and accepting attention to this “felt sense,” as he called it, insights, shifts in understanding and perception, and deep lasting changes occurred far more readily and easily than when they tried to change or “fix” the emotions or thoughts that caused them problems.


In other words, instead of telling yourself what’s “wrong” with you and trying to cajole or admonish yourself into changing, it’s as though something inside you just needs to be heard and accepted and understood fully….and once it is, it can let go and be transformed.


Gendlin called this special kind of listening and healing attention “Focusing,” and found that it was a skill people could be taught how to do. Since the early 1980s, tens of thousands of people in 43 countries have learned it.


Focusing can help you get past blocks and emotional issues that have stymied you for years if not decades. What’s more, you can learn to do this for yourself, either on your own or with the gentle and unobtrusive help of a fellow Focuser.


In the words of Lao-Tzu, “At the center of your being, you have the answer. You know who you are, and you know what you want.” Focusing is the fastest and straightest way to get there. In one workshop, you can learn enough to make it work for you. In four workshops, you can learn enough to have it help you with the most difficult conflicts and life issues you face.


Are you ready to discover Focusing — and discover the power of finding the answers, right inside yourself?

The Path of Self-Acceptance

A Beginning Level Focusing Workshop

Sat May 2nd, 9:30 – 5:30

Sun May 3rd, 10:00 – 2:00


5 Hillcrest Dr., Ste. B-202

Frederick, Maryland

Cost: $195

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